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tv   To Be Announced  MSNBC  February 4, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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administration's next move and what is the status of other legal challenges over that executive order. we are going to examine those questions in just a moment but, first, we begin with breaking news. the trump administration saying the department of justice will challenge a seattle judge's order putting its immigration band on hold. >> ms news and senior political editor, joins me now. what happens next? >> there was a temporary stay. the justice department has to dwee side to go back to court and fight back on the ban and get it to be dropped. they are going to have to make several arguments. a president has broad authority to set immigration policy in this country. that is something he is allowed to do. the way the ban is written is so
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loop-hole filled and so unclear, it allowed a lot of questions about whether or not it violated people's constitutional right to due process and free dpom dom o religion. the ban will probably go back in effect. all these people whose visas were granted might be told, you have to live and they will be placed in limbo as many were. if the justice department makes an argument that does not seem to support the notion that the president is fulfilling his duty to set immigration policy as he sees fit and that this ban is unconstitutional denying people their due process and freedom of religion. this temporary stay will hold and continue to be something that will be fought out. it will look like a very bad setback for president trump. >> it could make its way all the way to the supreme court. in the words of our colleague,
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it is as though the executive order never existed, at least for now. beth, while i have you, i want to ask you about what else the president is up to this week? the president was expected to speak with ukrainian president boris shanke. what's the latest on the administration's stance on the russia sanctions? >> we know that president trump has spoken frequently of wanting to have a better relationship with russia and vladmir putin. the two spoke last weekend and discussed the topics of ukraine. we don't know what happened and what the discussion was p ukraine. there was no official readout. nikki haley, who is the u.n. ambassador, came up very strongly at the united nations this week and said absolutely that there would nobody lifting of sanctions on russia unless russia left eastern ukraine and they are claiming crimea belongs
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to ukraine. it sort of contradicts what we have heard president trump muse about in the past. nikki haley seems to be saying that is not going to happen. president trump spoke and said that the sanctions would not be lifted unless russia left ukraine and their claim on crimea. you can hear the campaigning and governing of two different things. we are seeing nbc senior political editor. president trump is at his mar-a-lago estate in florida. protesters are nearby. ann thompson is there.
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>> there are a couple hundred of it. there are people here throughout the crowd. all the these people are angry. the galvanizing factor seems to be the travel ban. even though the judge in washington state. these people are very angry. as you can hear, no wall, no ban. everyone i have talked to says that's the first reason they are out here. beyond that, it's the
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environment. it's obama care. it's women's rights. it's gay rights. it is around that one issue they have all joined. >> we are on our third weekend. we have seen protests each weekend of the trump presidency. do we expect to hear a response from the trump team about these florida protests. >> we have not heard anything. in the last 15 minutes or so, the president tweeted, because the ban was lifted by a judge, many bad and very dangerous people may be pouring into our country, a terrible decision. what's interesting? this is the second time fod that the president has referred to his executive order on immigration and refugees as a
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ban. earlier this week, there was a very contentious discussion from the podium that it wasn't a ban. that is clearly how it is perceived here. it is the language the president is using. talking to people here, jacob, because they know that mar-a-lago is now the winter white house, they say we are going to be out here every time he comes down so that he knows we are not happy with the policies he is pursuing. i don't think this is going to go awhich after this weekend. >> the president contradicting his own press secretary, ann comp son in west palm beach, florida. a live look at protest s in houston, texas. anti-trump protesters are marching throughout the city. another protest in the capital. joining me now is nbc's tom costello marching with those
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protesters monitoring what they have been up to. since early this morning, you have been out there. what were they telling you that they want to see happen after today? >> this sprang up very quickly. within about two hours, it had grown to several thousand people. that is my estimate. it is not an official estimate. they went marching to the capital building. a very diverse crowd. we had people of all ages, all ethnicities, all religions. they do not like a muslim ban or a ban on anybody. they don't like the idea of a border law on the southern u.s. border. there were families singing.
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a a rallying cry against this. they moved to the supreme court across the street. this is pretty much over as the sun prepare toss set in washington. it has been two weeks of protest. all of this occurring right across the street from the white house and do you know to the capital building. president trump is not here, but in florida. how long will these protests last? if it isn't the immigration issue, if that is for now on the back burner, there are other issues these people feel very passionately about that they may well decide it is worth coming back again to protest week after week. jacob? >> tom costello in washington, at los angeles international airport, not far awhich from here, opponents and supporters
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are holding what could be called dualing rallies. katy beck has been following the developments from the airport. she joins us live. you have been following these approaches from the women's march. what is the scene as these two groups are emerging on each other? >> we have technical difficulties with katy beck down at l.a.x. i can tell you as someone who was down there for the protests. these are on going in the international terminal. there were refugees and folks from iran detained there. i want to go over to new york and jfk. adam reiss has been following developments for us there. adam, what are we expecting?
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are we looking for some refugees to potentially start arriving at jfk after the court halted this ban? >> good evening, jacob. we are already seeing that here and in boston. 18 arrivals so far today. that's what we are hearing from immigration attorneys that are here from about a week. they are pleased and encouraged by the judge's decision to put a stop to the president's order. customs officials are saying, it is business as usual as if the order had never been put in place. the president tweeting early this morning that he is not happy about this. he thinks it is a ridiculous decision that he will move along with the justice department to overturn. joining us know, renee parody. what's the latest? >> we have 18 in boss to be. we will see more tonight here later tonight and into tomorrow. >> we are just now starting to
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see the flights that would have left after the order from the judge that left that part of the world that most of these are coming from. more arrivals at boston. people are propertying later today, tomorrow, people that are trying to make sure they are going to get on flights. we are hopeful they will be people who are able to get into the country who have not been able to. you are also talking to people overseas that are trying to straighten out their visa situation. what are they telling you? if you have a visa that was issued before the executive order went into effect, you will be allowed to border and they will let you through as though the order never went into place. a slightly trickier situation for folks that tried to enter and had their visas stamped
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canceled. the folks i'm working with are people that tried to come here but couldn't. they are immigrants that are joining their family. >> they are trying to get back online here at kennedy airport as an egyptair official said, anyone with a valid visa will not be stopped here at kennedy airport. jacob. >> nbc's adam reiss at jfk in new york. i want to go back to nbc's katy beck at l.a.x. what's the scene there. these two groups are convening on each other. you will at least get to see both sides. you have both sides of this issue converging on the same airport. it has been pretty interesting to see how this protest has evolved throughout the day. really, starting with the heavy numbers on the side of those
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protesting the travel ban. now, we're seeing more pro trump supporters having their voices heard as well. >> we are joining one of the earlier protesters. can you tell me why you are here today? >> i am really here to support against the executive order and provide any assistance i can legally for translating as well. >> reporter: there has been a huge police presence. have you seen any friction? >> there has been some give-and-take. the police have been stepping in. >> reporter: peaceful? >> absolutely peaceful. >> reporter: what do you think of the order that was handed down yesterday? do you feel like this is a victory for your side? >> absolutely.
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it is showing the legal power to push back against the executive branch. thanks so much for joining us. i appreciate it. you can hear the crowds behind me. they have been doing laps around the airport making their way back to us now. as you can see, marching through the terminal here towards the arrival gate. this is a pretty healthy crowd. >> she has seen protest every week since she joined us. i assure you, it is not always this way. katy, thank you so much. >> i want to turn to democratic congresswoman, maxine waters. she said she will not meet with president trump. she is with us this afternoon. good to see you, congresswoman. >> thank you. >> i want to play a clip when you and i talked and you told me you wouldn't get together with the president. let's take a look at that.
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>> oh, no. i won't go. i'm not going to sit down with him. i'm not going. i'm not pretending. this business of calling names and lying and retreating on your promises, why should i trust him? >> do you see any reason to have a dialogue with your president now? >> it is worse now than it was then. he is creating chaos in this country. i'm worried about tensions building and people being angry and this president having come with this travel ban didn't know what he was doing. it looks like keystone cop ns the white house. it is about whether or not this president is going to stop the way he is handling this government and coming with these
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initiatives that he really doesn't understand, doesn't really know how to work with other agencies on and whether or not he is going to get down to business and try and bring this country together rather than tearing us apart. >> you are the ranking member on the house financial services committee. i want to get your reaction to aiming to roll back the dodd/frank financial reform law. what does this mean for consumers? >> it is absolutely shameful that this president has moved very aggressively to hand this country over to wall street. >> when he campaigned, he taublged abo taublged talked about goldman sachs. he is not draining the swamp. he is filling the swamps up. he is trying to get rid of the protections we have created as a result of the recession we had in 2008. it was because of the greedy
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wall street folks that we ended up with people losing their jobs, their homes, their 401(k)s. he wants to repeal the dodd/frank law. that law includes the consumer financial protection bureau. that's the center piece of this law. this consumer financial protection bureau has done a great job of targeting all of those companies that are ripping people off and the payday loan people and all those folks who have gotten away without having any really oversight from government. so he wants to tear all of this up and he wants to simply give wall street the ability to own congress and to do what they want to do to make money and consumers will have no
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protection. to fully repeal dodd/frank, the republicans will neat 60 votes. what will you do to repeal some or all of dodd/frank? what's realistic? >> what's realistic is we must fight. we must not be bullied. we must not be afraid and we must not be intimidated by this bully president. we have got to produce legislation whether they take it up or not. we have to create conversations around the legislation and educate the people about the reforms we have put in place, about what dodd/frank is and how it works and how to protect the average citizen. a lot of those folks who voted for him out there didn't realize some of what he is all about. as a matter of fact, he lied to them. he told them that he was going to do something about keeping wall street from ripping them
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off. he is doing just opposite. take a look at his treasury secretary, a bank executive, a ceo that is responsible for thousands upon thousands of foreclosures, put people out on the street. he lied to the senate, because they were doing robosigning and he said that they were not and they caught him in a lie. this is really unfortunate that we have a president that not only lies and misleads folks, changes his mind, come up with something, tweeting, dividing this country, creating this chaos. we have to stand up to him. we have a democracy we must fight for. he doesn't care about the constitution. he is in bed are russia, kremlin and putin. i don't think he knows why we are not going to put up with it and fight him. the protests are not going to
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stop. they are going to be out there every week. i think we should be out there. >> congresswoman maxine waters, thank you so much for joining us. you are looking right now at philadelphia, where hunlds of people have taken to the streets. it is one of several protests nationwide today. we are following them all very closely. now, a live look at downtown houston, which will host super bowl li tomorrow. this evening, anti-trump protesters are marching through the streets there. we will go live to houston later this housh. next, we'll be joined by one of the attorneys leading the court fight against president trump's immigration order. stay tuned. what shall we call you? tom! name it tom! studies show that toms have the highest average earning potential over their professional lifetime. see? uh, it's a girl. congratulations! two of my girls are toms. i work for ally, finances are my thing. you know, i'm gonna go give birth real quick and then we'll talk, ok? nice baby.
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maybe i can ctolerate not seein my mother for a couple of years. >> one couple at boos ton logan airport there waiting for their iranian mother who tried and failed to board flights from the middle east to the united states despite having a visa as we watch protests nationwide against the immigration ban. the department of justice expected to place a hold responding to the stay with this tweet. what is our country coming to when a judge can halt a homeland security travel ban and anyone, even with bad intentions can come into the u.s. joining us now is lee geller,
2:25 pm
from the national immigrants rights project. one of the attorneys fighting the ban in court. >> you won one of the legal challenges against the ban that got so much attention last weekend. bha do you make of the current situation one week later? >> i think it is great. we brought the first case. we won that case. i feel like it set a tone other people could go in and not be scared. what you have seen are the courts pushing back. that's in the best traditions of our country where the federal courts say what the law is and the president of the united states has to comply with the law. >> the state department reversing the revocation of visas today, what more needs to be done for folks that are holding visas from those seven predominantly muslim countries
2:26 pm
if anything at all? what happens to people that are turned away? >> the people that were turned awhich after t away after the ruling we received last saturday, we are going to try to get them back. we are going to court. we are seeking permanent relief. we are in for a long, protracted fight. we are prepared to do that. the government is appealing this latest ruling. it will be critical that the court of appeals uphold that injunction. >> just yesterday, a federal judge sided with the trump administration on the ban. do you see these rulings headed to the supreme court? >> it is hard to predict. it depends on what the administration will do. these are certainly very, very serious, important issues that
2:27 pm
go to the heart of our country, our constitution, our values. discrimination on the basis of religion is anti-thetic. the issues are critically important. whether they will ultimately end up in the supreme court remains to be scene. >> what did you make of the president calling the judge the so-called judge? >> i don't want to comment specifically but respect for the federal court system for one of the co-equal branches and respect for the rule of law is so important. it trance cents any civil liberties issue. we are verging towards a constitutional crisis. >> lee geller, deputy director of the national immigrants right
2:28 pm
project for the american civil liberties. joining me right now is senator patrick lahey, democrat from vermont. it's good to see you. the president doubled down on his criticism of the federal judge. he called it a terrible decision. you had already released this statement. the president's concern towards the rule of law, he is tempting to bully another federal judge for having the awe dasiudacit t rule of law. >> it is amazing. i have never seen any president, republican or democrat, act in such a childish way. if anybody else was doing it, we would say it was a temper tantrum. the president of the united states, it is almost like he wants to precipitate a constitutional crisis. he started off during the
2:29 pm
campaign saying he is going to ban muslims from this country. the courts say, you can't say a 5-year-old muslim child is going to be banned because of where they come from. that causes chaos in our court. he is trying to get it to show crisis. he has insulted our allies and caused chaos at our airports. it is almost as if he doesn't care. this is a country where every one of us in government take an oath to uphold the constitution. he is acting like he wants to violate the constitution. >> can i ask you quickly, senator, do you really believe that the president is looking to cause a constitutional crisis for something as simple as television ratings, really? >> well, no. i said he is acting like that.
2:30 pm
i think he is apartment to cause a constitutional crisis. you cannot have one branch of government trying to say that another branch, a co-equal branch of government is somehow illegitimate. he did this when a judge had gone into his dealings, his business dealings, which were very questionable. the judge pointed out that they were questionable. and mr. trump's reaction was, well, his parents were from mexico. so he is not qualified. now, he is saying that a judge who was not nominated by a republican president, confirmed by a republican senate, actually with a unanimous vote, he is not a real judge. you can't do that. our system of government works only if there is a separation of powers and a respect for that separation.
2:31 pm
>> i want to ask you about the supreme court, sir. you have said that the president's actions demand a thorough and unsparing examination in your words of his justice nominee, neil gorsuch. why are they so interconnected? do you not think that gorsuch would make up his own mind in rulings? >> he has to be asked. the trump organization bragged that they had outsourced to some alt right groups, many of whom are lobbying groups to pick who is going to be the supreme court justice. that raced all kinds of alarm bells. i have not met judge gorsuch since he was nominated to the court of appeals. i sat down with him and sfent a lot of this weekend reading his opinions and reading what he has said. we'll have a thorough hearing before the senate judiciary
2:32 pm
hearing, the senate judiciary committee. it comes at a difficult time because the republican leadership set aside the constitution for a year by unilaterally blocking even having a hearing or a vote on marek garland, a man who by any p thought wou thought would have easily gotten 85-95 votes but they didn't allow him to have a vote. >> can you see yourself voting for kneneil gorsuch as an assoce justice of the supreme court? >> i have voted for a number of republican nominees and democratic nominees but i make up my mind on each one of them. are they willing to stand up to the president and put the constitution first? the president doesn't want to put the constitution first. i hope the judges can. >> there you go.
2:33 pm
senator patrick lahey from the great state of vermont. appreciate that you came to join us, sir. this is what is happening in houston. a protest ahead of tomorrow's super bowl there. live to houston later this hour. this video just coming in to our "newsroom." i saw your tweets asking us to show the protests. another massive protest against president trump. we are going to have much more ahead. ♪
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these are new pictures from philadelphia, pennsylvania, within the last hour. several hundred people marching in the streets. we don't have those pictures available. the protests are not limited to the united states. in london, we are taking a look at those right now. thousands of demonstrators marched from the u.s. embassy to the houses of parliament. many of them called on theresa may to rescind her invitation of a state visit to president trump. a live look at houston where protesters are marching ahead of
2:37 pm
tomorrow's super bowl, nbc ron mott is in houston. what is the scene there? >> hey, there, jacob. good day to you, super bowl eve. as we speak, there is a protest demonstration underway downtown about a 15-minute drive. they are protesting. several hundred people were told tomorrow there are a series of protests being planned in and around the park. this statement area. outside of that area. the fbi special agent in charge here in houston. they have to exercise their first amendment rights. we have had protests here. much smaller ones over the last two or three days.
2:38 pm
they have some folks, some 70 plus thousands in this ballpark behind me. cheering on the patriots and the falcons. >> ron mott down there in houston ahead of the super bowl. he will be watching it very closely. for the potential protests, during this very volatile political time. stay with us right here on msnbc. we'll be right back. the people . their training is developed by the same company who designed, engineered, and built the cars. they've got the parts, tools, and know-how to help keep your ford running strong. 35,000 specialists all across america. no one knows your ford better than ford. and ford service. right now, get the works! a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation, brake inspection and more -- for $29.95 or less.
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>> you are taking a live look at protests against the trump administration's travel ban. this is houston, texas, the second weekend of protests against the executive order as we wait to the justice department to file its motion against the latest court ordered stay, all this in the final days of the week that started with the president firing his act attorney general. 24 hours later, mr. trump successfully rolling out his pick for the supreme court, judge kneel gorsuch. michael flynn changed the conversation yet again putting iran, quote, on notice, after
2:50 pm
its ballistic missile test, leading to new sanctions against the country. leading to questions about who exactly is in charge and what comes next. joining me now
2:51 pm
2:52 pm
this is something where many of them are not going to personally comfortable with it. it's something particularly, the the question of the judicial branch is going to something up for debate. it's something they don't want dominating the headlines. >> is it wise for the president to be undermining the judicial branch of government, the coequal judicial branch much government? >> it's problematic from the president's perspective. if he wanted to put a new policy in place via executive order it
2:53 pm
was incumbent on the administration to put together an executive order that could pass muster in a court of law. even if you agree with the substance of what the president was trying to do, the rollout was particularly problematic. those are all things that should have been addressed if they had their ducks in order and were ready to go on day one and that's not what happened. he's got nims a particularly sick can i situation vis-à-vis the court and it looks like the courts from this court in seattle, maybe up to the appellate. mention the the fact he is also just put audiotape nominee for the supreme court, and he's going to be fighting a really uphill battle to get that nominee on the bench approximate. you don't want to take on the courts in this way if your goal is to change policy of the united states. you should do it in a way that's thought through and is likely to pass muster in the courts. most people, even the
2:54 pm
conservatives are saying he's going to have a challenge whether it's due process, equal protection, establishment clause, that is going to be a he's going to have to battle throughout the courts all the way up to the supreme court. >> what do you think, michelle, as we anticipate this action by the department of justice? the aclu said we don't know. >> the administration should because this order is unconstitutional. it's important to remember that the nomination of judge gorsuch happened the day after the firing of the top law enforcement official in this country, sally yates. the reason she was fired is because she said this order was indefenseble and she couldn't -- this white house, but this president in particular has continued to show a con
2:55 pm
temperatu you see the firing of sally yates, and now this attack on a judge who, again, did not bend to his will. so there is a pattern here that raises the bar for the supreme court seat. when you think about the history about what has happened, maker garland was the most experienced nominee ever put forth, and the senate republicans didn't give him a hearing, and some didn't have the decency to meet with him. none of these actions help to dial down the pressure. >> my least favorite thing to say in television is we are out of time. appreciate you taking your time on a saturday evening joining us. another look right now at the protest in downtown houston.
2:56 pm
it is one of several we've been reporting on today. we'll continue to report on for the rest of the evening here on msnbc. my colleague richard lui takes over. remember me tomorrow on instagram, snapchat, thanks for watching. stick around. the classes, the friends, the independence. and since we planned for it, that student debt is the one experience, i'm glad she'll miss when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise whfight back fastts, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source.
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a very good day. i'm richard lui. breaking news this hour. protesters are gathering outside trump plaza in west palm beach, florida, where they then plan to noorch pretty much's mar-a-lago resort where he plans on spending the weekend. take a listen. >> as a granddaughter of a holocaust officer, i wonder what
3:00 pm
would have been different if people had spoken out. >> i come from the same place he does. new yorkers know how to recognize it. >> when we last spoke, you were watching the crowds grow in number and grow in volume. what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: hi, richard. this is some of the crowd that's going through and headed to m mar-a-lago. they are marching two miles. there have to be at least a thousand people who started from trump plaza. you'll see people in yellow vests that look like safety vests, they're marshals. they've been trained by the women's march people in the south florida action network to help keep this crowd

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